The return to classes can be complicated, especially when school expenses can improve; and we think that it will not reach us for everything our children need

The return to classes can be complicated, especially when school expenses can improve; and we think that it will not reach us for everything our children need

Perhaps the most important expense on the education of the children is the return to classes ; Between the payment of inscriptions, tuition, uniforms and school supplies, we can think that the money will not pay us. That is why it is necessary to take actions that help us save money and have options to get the money we need.

It is a fact that for our children it is a great challenge to start a new school year, meet new teachers and classmates; But in addition to being a challenge for them, parents also face the challenge of providing everything they need to return to school .

How to save on back to school

How to save on back to school
While we can encourage children to reuse some things from the past cycle such as backpacks or lunch boxes; We can take part in other actions so that this return to classes does not affect your pocket. Here are some tips for saving on going back to school; without stopping giving your children everything they need.

The most difficult: school supplies

Surely if you are one of the people who like to be prepared before falling in panic purchases; you already have the list of supplies that your children will need, if not, try to contact the school or other parents so that they can provide it.

Having prepared the list of supplies in advance, will allow you to establish an approximate budget; In this way you will not exceed the expense of the holidays. In the same way, you will be able to check prices and quality of the tools in different establishments with time. The next school year begins on August 21, so you still have time to make comparisons and get the best quality at the best price.

An average list of tools can range from 600 to 750 pesos; other expenses such as uniforms, backpacks, shoes and other school fees must be added to this amount; school spending can be multiplied if we have 2 or more children of school age. Hence the importance of checking in advance the prices of the tools; to be able to find the best price.

One way to save on the cost of the tools is to reuse materials that are in good condition such as colors, geometry game, calculator, lab coat or dictionary; In the same way, buying the pieces wholesale if you have several children can save you a lot of money; You can also agree with other parents to buy notebooks or pencils wholesale.

Always keep the ticket or purchase invoice of school supplies, it helps to change your products in case of any defect or problem. That is why it is advisable to always buy in established places, in case it is necessary to make a change.

Registration, fees and school fees

With the desire to offer the best to our children, we can choose schools whose cost can exceed the return to school ; that’s why when it comes to choosing school, when it’s pay, it’s important not only to consider the monthly payment; but the cost of registration and other fees to avoid problems at the beginning of the school year.

So if you want to enroll your children in a private school, take into account in addition to the proximity and the curriculum; tuition and additional payments. Remember that the tuition will be a fixed payment month to month; consider it part of your expenses, especially when starting the course.

Make a list of the options that most interest you and reflect on your payment possibilities; Remember that it is always good to give our children the best, but to the best of our ability. It is likely that you also have the opportunity to get a scholarship for your children, inquire about financial support in schools; and try to comply with the requirements that you request.

If in this cycle you must buy the uniforms of your children; compares prices in the different establishments where they offer the uniform according to the rules of the school. If it is a single supplier who is responsible for the sale of clothing; then try to buy sizes a little larger, remember that children can grow fast and it is better to be prepared not to exceed expenses in a few months.

As for shoes, you may not be able to apply the same rule as with uniforms; however try to find the right shoes at an economical price. Although this idea will not please your children, it will be necessary to have a good return to school .

Involve your child in school expenses
It is normal for children to receive their “Sunday” and that is why they can start saving and above all, buy their own things; therefore, it is important that you also involve them in the expenses of the school.

Involving them is not about asking them for cooperation or limiting their allowance; but to motivate them to participate in the purchases, how? Well, they can make the difference between a regular notebook and the fashion one they like the most; or put a part of the shoes or backpack that they loved for this new school year.

Making our children actively participate in the purchase of their own school supplies not only guarantees that they choose what they like most; but they can realize the value of money and things, which in the future will help us to understand how important it is to take care of their school supplies.  

Take advantage of school fairs and offers

It is quite common that on these dates, different establishments provide promotions in some school products; or that fairs are held where the various suppliers expose their products at special prices. So yes or yes you should take advantage of these opportunities to save money; This is where I emphasize again the importance of having a list of school supplies in advance.

Back to School Fair 2017

Each year, PROFECO organizes the Back-to-School fairs to help parents pay back-to-school expenses; In these fairs you can find the most important suppliers of supplies and uniforms at special prices. They also offer other services such as hair cutting, dentistry, ophthalmology and various workshops.

In the link that I posted above, you can check the dates you will be in your city, so you can take advantage of the promotions near your home. The objective of this type of events to promote responsible consumption and maximize the budget allocated for school expenses.

Where to get money for back to school

Where to get money for back to school
As I mentioned a moment ago, school expenses can surpass us and with the soon return to classes; We can present complications to get everything our children need on time.

A viable option is to resort to paying interest-free months with various credit cards; However, this limits the possibilities of buying the tools separately and in different establishments; which in the long run can hurt us by paying more than necessary.

In addition, very few schools offer the payment of registrations and fees for months without interest; so the cash is more than necessary for the return to classes . That’s why we’ll tell you next where you can get the money you need to give your children everything they need to start the school year.

Juliet, your best option to get an immediate loan

Juliet, your best option to get an immediate loan
At Juliet we specialize in car ownership; that’s why we can assure you that with us you can get the best immediate loan with guarantee of your car. The best part of the case is that you can get the money you need without having to leave your car; Are you interested? Keep reading to find out why we are your best option for this return to school .

Why pawn my car is a good option in this return to school?

A moment ago I mentioned that paying interest-free months is a good option to pay for school supplies; but that this limits the options a lot when buying the products and above all, this type of payment often can not be applied in the purchase of the uniforms or the payment of tuition and fees.

That is why you need to have cash or available in the card to proceed with any form of payment. This is the reason why car ownership gives you the opportunity to get the money you need for the return of your children to school.

back to school

Advantages of pawning your car 

If you still are not convinced that car ownership is the best option to get money for your children’s school; then we talk about the advantages you have when pawning your car in Juliet.

In Juliet we give you 2 options to pawn your car:

Leave your car in shelter (2003-2007 models) Your car is sheltered in a roofed warehouse with security 24 hours a day; In addition, your car will have constant maintenance so that it is not affected by lack of use.

Get your loan and continue using your car (2008 models onwards) Get a loan for your car and follow it using; Follow your routine and get the money you need.

1. Get up to 80% of the value of your car

In Juliet you can get up to 80% of the value of your car; We know that what you need is money, that’s why we try to offer you the best deal for your car. Our goal is that you can fulfill all your economic goals and objectives; without losing your car or having to sell it.

2. Flexibility in the procedure and ease to recover your car

When we need money, what we want is to get it fast; we have that very clear and that’s why we ask you only 6 minimum and simple requirements to process your loan:

  1. Official identification
  2. Proof of address
  3. Original invoice or invoice sequence
  4. Circulation card
  5. Holdings (the ones you have)
  6. check

As you will realize, we do not review Buró de Crédito, nor do we request any endorsement (even if you take your car); and much less, we request proof of income. We want you to get the money you need quickly and easily.

In addition to giving you the facilities to obtain a loan with a guarantee for your car; we also give you the same facilities to recover your car from the endeavor, since you have unlimited endorsements and there is no penalty whatsoever if you wish to pay off your loan before the indicated date.

3. You get a fast, effective and secure loan

We are aware that other companies may offer you a lower interest rate; however, we offer you a percentage of interest according to the characteristics of your loan. Besides that our process is the simplest, most effective and safest; because the contract you sign is approved by PROFECO, so you can be sure that your car is in the best hands.


For this return to school accounts with options such as various fairs, to get the best price and quality in school supplies and uniforms; as well as accounts with the support of Juliet to obtain the best loan with a guarantee for your car; to get the money you need to give your children the best start of classes.

Remember that in Juliet we give you the best facilities not only to get the cash loan you need; but to recover your car from the effort without any problem. Since unlike other pawnshops, we do not dedicate ourselves to buying and selling cars; we are dedicated to offer you the best loan tailored to your needs with a guarantee for your car.