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This is the offer for all bargain hunters and bargain hunters: Germany’s cheapest online loan at an annual percentage rate of 0.99% (at € 1,500 loan amount, 36 months maturity, 0.99% bound lending rate.) A representative example in accordance with §6a PAngV it is exclusive to Smava.

But not only the price is unbeatable. Another trump card of the special offer: Germany’s lowest-priced online loan can be used by every customer on the same terms, as it is not dependent on creditworthiness. Flexibility is not indispensable – early repayment of the loan is possible at any time without additional costs.

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For example, if you need a microcredit for a mobile phone financing or other purchases, or if you would like to spontaneously go on vacation, you should take advantage of the unique opportunity now. Because Germany’s cheapest online loan can help you to realize your wishes at really minimal cost.

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How do you get Germany’s cheapest online loan?

The fixed rate is valid for a term of 36 months and a loan amount of 1,500 euros. Everyone can benefit from this special offer, regardless of whether they are employees, the self-employed or retirees. Even when using you have a free hand. Whether Germany’s cheapest online loan for the rescheduling of old loans, for a long-awaited holiday trip, for renovations or other purchases is used is entirely up to you. So now you have the chance to fulfill your projects and wishes even more favorably than before. To offer.

In a few steps to the cheapest online loan

It’s that easy:

  • In the credit comparison of Smava select a loan amount of 1,500 euros and at maturity 36 months
  • For the displayed loan offers, select the loan from “credit-preferred”
  • Complete the online loan application
  • Send the loan offer received along with an identification by the post-ID procedure
  • After checking the documents, the loan is paid out to the customer’s account

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Cheap Online Loans with Best Price Guarantee

The credit comparison of Smava offers you many cheaper online loans. We negotiated the particularly favorable conditions exclusively for you with our partner banks. We confirm this even with our best price guarantee.

“If you need a cheap loan quickly and easily, then you have come to the right place,” explains Alexander Artopé, managing director and co-founder of Smava GmbH. “Our offer, Germany’s cheapest online loan ‘keeps what its name promises: A credit on best terms for everyone.”

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Real estate loans should become more accessible – these are the dangers

The conclusion of online payday loans same day should be easier.

The Federal Government is planning a change in the law concerning the credit check on real estate loans. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) should, therefore, get greater powers for the prevention of real estate bubbles. The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) demands more protection for consumers and market stability.

In a public hearing yesterday, the Bundestag discussed the adjustment of the credit guideline for real estate loans. Amongst other things, the draft bill on the “Financial Supervision Act” provides for an extension of BaFin’s powers. The financial supervisory authority should be allowed to decide for itself who may conclude a specific loan with which income and at what term. According to the Consumer Center, this could water down the credit check and endanger consumers and the credit market.

“Credit institutions are not allowed to sell consumers mortgages that are likely to cause them difficulties. At the same time, mortgage lending must not jeopardize the stability of the market. A conscientious credit check should prevent both, “said Dorothea Mohn, head of the team Financial Market at vzbv.

Credit check serves to reduce risk

The credit report provides companies with the creditworthiness of a potential customer even before the contract is completed. Thus it is estimated whether the income covers the payment obligations or not.

The credit report thus prevents customers or service providers from getting into financial difficulties or making losses.

Since real estate loans are particularly high loan sums, the credit check is even more important for both parties.

EU law for the protection of consumers

The Federal Government also wants to provide banks with more legal certainty when granting loans, after more complaints have been received regarding spongy formulations.

“There can be no question of a credit crunch because of legal uncertainty,” says Mohn. This has not least shown the low return of consumer complaints. The wording of today’s standard allows for leeway that was not actually provided by EU law. However, the rule of law is simple: the contract and the loan would have to fit the borrower’s financial terms. “You have to be able to afford the installments over the entire term. This applies to everyone, including older borrowers, “says Mohn. “There is no age limit.”